Sponsor Workshop: Discover the hidden cash lurking in your SAP Supply Chain!


Sponsor Workshop: Discover the hidden cash lurking in your SAP Supply Chain

It’s a constant battle.  Trying to create control and consistency in supply chain performance, while at the same time also implementing new innovative solutions in an attempt to keep up with ever increasing customer expectations.  The market desires more innovation, whilst the shareholders demand improving returns, creating a difficult balancing act to try and do much more, with much less.

ERP systems such as SAP were supposed to be the answer; yet many find that performance has barely improved since implementation. What if there was a way that you could create total visibility of your SAP enabled supply chain in order to identify and free excess inventory and financial capital so that they can be reallocated to more value-adding activities. To achieve this requires insight into your SAP system, your processes and your data. Insight that normally requires months of consultancy time, questioning, analysis and investigation.  Not anymore.

In this overview of how businesses inadvertently tie up significant amounts of capital and resources in their supply chain.

Delegates will learn:

  • Where hidden cash lurks within your SAP Supply Chain
  • How to create visibility of issues and understand their root causes
  • How to free your inventory and financial capital and reallocate it to more value-adding activities


Jacques Adriaansen - Director - Every Angle Academy

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