Sponsor Workshop: Putting the Next Generation of Advanced Planning Systems in Practice!


Sponsor Workshop: Putting the Next Generation of Advanced Planning Systems in Practice!

For the past decade companies have profoundly invested in an ERP systems. In any current organization there is huge amount of data readily available and stored. These organizations are now ready to do something with that data. Moreover, computer power has such improved, that problems we could not solve ten years ago, can now be solved on a daily basis. It’s the same in the area of optimization, where optimization tools and theory have evolved in the last ten years. Everything is in place. We have data, we have computing power, we have the tools and we have the software. But once we have constructed the algorithms and complex business planning models, can we deal with the fast changing environment? Is it possible to combine complex models with agility?

As the global business landscape continues to evolve in a fast pace, so does its challenges. New competitors are entering the market every day and product life cycles are getting shorter. Customers are more demanding and their expectations now extend beyond cost and service to include ethical, environmental, and sustainability concerns. This complex and fast-changing business environment puts new demands on supply chains.

Some industry leaders show it is possible to use advanced analytics and continue to provide real support to the businesses planning by making use of new types of optimization solvers. We are seeing how planning is becoming much manageable and contribute to a maximum efficiency. We see now in practice how advanced planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics are being combined with the correct cross-functional collaboration.

Dr. Barış Selçuk will be sharing his vision of the next generation of Advanced Planning systems for industry. In his presentation he will discuss cases from the Semiconductor, Automotive and TV Led industry where advanced models based on an object-oriented planning platforms are increasingly used in a visual algorithm modelling environment.

Delegates will receive insights on:


  • How industry leaders grasp the opportunities of ‘big data’ and ‘smart industries’ in supply chain planning
  • How some of the renowned industry leaders in for example the Semiconductor, Automotive and TV Led industry have started to significantly reduce their supply chain costs and improve performance.
  • How advanced planning and scheduling solutions indeed can enable companies to create complex business planning models and become agile to deal with a fast changing environment


Baris Selcuk - Business Consultant - ICRON Technologies 


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