Continued - Supply Chain 3.0 - The Rise of the Automated, Personalised and Local Supply Chain.


Continued - Supply Chain 3.0 - The Rise of the Automated, Personalised and Local Supply Chain.

In this visually rich presentation based on the content of his new book ‘Transition Point: Engines of Evolution’, Sean discusses the transition from the Age of Industry to the Age of Intelligent Automation, and the impact this will have on every aspect of the end-to-end Supply Chain. He will present a glimpse into the very near future where the Value Chain becomes fully automated, personalised and local.

Using videos and innovative presentation tools he will outline the nature of the changes, from demand capture to manufacture and fulfilment, and define the impact this may have on businesses, jobs and economies worldwide.  He will then lead a open discussion as to whether these innovations will create an optimistic future of abundance, better working conditions and choice, or a jobless, automated dystopia. 

Delegates will learn:

  • How the economic crash of 2008 signalled both the end of the current industrial wave and the commencement of a new revolution, one that will affect not only industry, but also the current economic and social models
  • How these changes will affect traditional mass production and how revolutions in 3D printing, connected devices and transportation will change the nature of manufacturing and the global Supply Chain
  • How a new convergence is underway that combines robotics, AI, genetics and automation in order to redefine the Supply Chain as something local, personal and on-demand
  • The affect this will have on the very nature of work, the challenges this will create and how those societies that resist this transition may struggle to survive in the new world

Finally Sean will look at alternative versions of where this could take us, and ask the audience to consider the impact on them, their companies and their countries.


Sean Culey - Event Chairman - 'ISC' Europe 2015 & Member European Leadership Team - APICS Supply Chain Council

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