The AEIO Approach: Lessons in developing Aligned, Engaged and Innovative Organisations.


The AEIO Approach:  Lessons in developing Aligned, Engaged and Innovative Organisations.

The 20th Century management model doesn’t work well anymore.  Now more than ever, the need to be able to control the activities of the end-to-end Supply Chain and identify issues before, not after, they arrive is paramount to survival.  Companies that can align and orchestrate the different moving parts in their Supply Chain can create opportunities and competitive advantages that their competitors simply cannot. 

However, many businesses still face the challenge of aligning their organisations, integrating functional groups and overcoming silo behaviours in order to deliver excellent Supply Chain performance. 

This session will go through:

  • What the major issues are that are keeping top leaders awake at night
  • How to create line of sight between individual activities and business goals in order to ensure strategy is executed
  • How to deliver outstanding business results and unleash the capabilities of their people through aligned, engaged and innovative self-directing teams

Whilst vendors and consultancies may suggest that the answer lies in their silver bullet solutions, Sean Culey believes that every company already has in their possession the potential to move through the gears and reach top spot on the Supply Chain podium – in this session he will give a glimpse into what companies with the appropriate desire and discipline can do to unleash this potential.  


Sean Culey - Event Chairman - 'ISC' Europe 2015 & Member European Leadership Team - APICS Supply Chain Council

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