Operationalizing Strategy: Using SCOR® for effective Management of your Supply Chains!


Operationalizing Strategy: Using SCOR® for effective Management of your Supply Chains!

We run projects after projects: how do we make sure our valuable resources are spent on the right construction sites? Doing everything better is not enough. Doing the right things for the right purpose effectively however, makes a difference in competition.

Most Supply Chain professionals still seem to be targeted at “cutting cost, improving service levels, and lowering inventory!” While this sounds like meeting all essential requirements in support of business objectives, it won’t be precise enough to support the company’s specific business strategies.

Over the past 20 years the APICS Supply Chain Council’s SCOR model (Supply Chain Operational Reference Model) helped practitioners align and integrate their processes end-to-end, from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. With the release of M4SC (Management for Supply Chain), the APICS Supply Chain Council extended its project oriented approach into a management concept. The combination of both, the SCOR model and respective methodology, offers supply chain managers a practical means for operationalizing business and supply chain strategies. At the same time it provides a way to substantially improve cross-functional collaboration within and beyond a company’s organizational boundaries.

This presentation introduces the M4SC concept, its integration to SCM practice and what it means for supply chain managers.

Delegates will learn:

  • The impact of an integrated business approach to Supply Chain Management
  • The principles of deriving meaningful supply chain strategies
  • How to align KPIs, supply chain and process design, best practices and people qualifications with supply chain strategies


Michael Ginap - APICS SCC - Qualified SCOR Master Trainer

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