The Race for Supply Chain 2020 and Beyond!


The Race for Supply Chain 2020 and Beyond!

Supply chain, as a discipline, is  over thirty years old; but where will it be in five years? Ten years? Beyond? What is required for the supply chain knowledge worker today and in the future? How do companies make the digital pivot? In this session, Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, will share her perspectives on the future. The central themes that Lora will cover are:

  • What can we learn from the past? How effective are our supply chains in delivering business value today? Lora will draw upon four years of research to write her new book Supply Chain Metrics That Matter, and the annual review of Supply Chains to Admire to share these insights. Lora will share which supply chains are driving the greatest improvement to balance sheet results and what we can learn from these supply chain journeys.
  • How do we build the right organizational structures for tomorrow? With the rise of the global multi-national, organizational design, and change management matters more than ever. What can we learn about the supply chain organizational design today, that we can apply to the future?
  • Technology shifts. What really matters? The supply chain leader today is bombarded by messages of technology convergence. Yet, in today’s organization, data abounds; but insights are few. New technologies are converging. How will mobile, social, Internet of Things, business networks and new forms of analytics redefine tomorrow’s supply chain?


Lora Cecere - Founder & CEO - Supply Chain Insights Inc


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