Sponsor Workshop: Deconstructing the impact of digitization on Future SCM!


Sponsor Workshop: Deconstructing the impact of digitization on Future SCM!

Without any doubt, the digital age will have far reaching impact on businesses and supply chains. The IoT in particular presents unprecedented opportunities to digitally enable the value creation along the supply chain.

As every “thing” in the supply chain creates an infinite amount of data, companies obtain an unprecedented level of transparency of every corner of the supply chain eco-system – from consumer insights to the status of industrial equipment, to improved warehouse visibility. Exploiting the opportunity presented by the IoT can thus help companies make more informed decisions from customer segmentation to vendor selection to inventory planning and delivery logistics. This in turn offers the opportunity to transform the SCM of the future from a mere cost center into a revenue generator delivering tangible business value.

In light of trillions of bites of data, companies are in need to find ways to manage this data explosion and leverage the right information efficiently. Separating the valuable data from the rest is key for deriving effective conclusions and ultimately fostering more intelligent decision making. In this context, data & analytics methods and instruments have become a key enabler to support this transformation.

How will the IoT impact the future of SCM and what does it take to successfully deploy it within the supply chain? Will embracing digitization help companies differentiate their supply chains from the rest of the crowd? How likely is it that digitization merely results in a data overload which is overburdening organizational capabilities?

This session analyses opportunities and challenges of digitally enabling the supply chain. It explores on the impact on organizational structures, people, processes and technology. In light of the increased complexity of global supply networks, the session examines the role of supply chain planning enabled through data & analytics for informed decision making and improved supply chain performance.

Delegates will receive insights on:

  • Opportunities of deploying IoT in the corporate supply chain
  • The role of supply chain planning and data & analytics as a key enablers to support dynamic, real-time decision making
  • Key challenges and success factors in exploiting the IoT in an organizations supply chain


Michael Pleuger – Partner, Operations Consulting - KPMG Germany


Stephan Köhler – Partner, Operations Consulting - KPMG Germany


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