Shifting sands – how digital is impacting your supply chain!


Shifting sands – how digital is impacting your supply chain

Where will your business be in 10 years?  You may not think this a major concern, however we will discuss how digital has accelerated disruption within industries and supply chains.

In this session we will address the impact that digital has on supply chains. Businesses and supply chains have always been evolving, it is the pace at which this evolution is happening that is important.  Whether it is the Internet of Things, 3D printing, mobile or enhanced analytics, to name a few, we are seeing a wide swath of disruptors that are accelerating the evolution of industry. Within this session we will also discuss how these disruptors have impacted a variety of businesses and supply chains.

All industries are being impacted, but what are the unique characteristics for these industries. We will also explore use cases across a number of industries and look at how new use cases are evolving because of digital.

Delegates will learn the following from this session:

  • Identify what are these digital disruptors and how do they really impact your supply chain?
  • Discussing use cases we are seeing today of companies taking advantage of these disruptors?
  • Look forward to new use cases that industries, in both B2B and B2C, can begin to explore.


Guy Courtin – Vice President & Principal Analyst – Constellation Research


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