Welcome to the Internet of Everything – Tomorrow Start Here!!!


Welcome to the Internet of Everything – Tomorrow Start Here!!!

Companies, and their supply chains, continue to harvest and analyze vast amounts of data for growth, competitive advantage and operational efficiency.  At the same time, the Internet of things (IoT) is commanding much of the headlines — and deservedly so.  IoT holds great promise to stream previously untapped amounts of intelligence and insights — all paving the way for continuous process improvements.  

But IoT remains complicated and at times confusing to what it truly means.

In this session we will focus on the following:

  • What trends are we seeing with data and analytics?  
  • How is IoT fitting in this landscape?
  • What use cases for IoT are demonstrating real value in the market?  
  • What parts of the supply chain are more mature with IoT?

 Join us for this session as we discuss the evolution of IoT to the data and analytics stream.


Guy Courtin - Vice President and Principal Analyst - Constellation Research

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