Alain Baeyens

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Alain Baeyens

Head of Purchasing & Supply Chain Excellence - Solvay

Alain Baeyens joined Solvay at the end of 1986. After a short period as technical customer support for PVC waterproofing foils, he joined the PVC commercial department. He was transferred in 1992 to the production plant in Lillo - at first as a production scheduler in the brand new polyolefin production units. A year later he headed the shipping department and was responsible for the (subcontracted) storage and handling operations. Then he was in charge of the purchasing department. 

From March to July 2001 he was with ELEMICA, seconded to the Supply Chain Solutions team in Frankfurt.

When he left ELEMICA he became Lead Buyer of logistics Services for Solvay from 2006 to 2012 and is now Compliance Manager

Alain has been a Director of ELUPEG since 2010 and is the ELUPEG representative for the Project ALICE - Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe

Alain will be speaking at the following time:

Hall 2 - 11:45am - 12:30pm - Building sustainable logistics through trusted collaborative networks across the entire supply chain


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