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Egge Haak

Founder & Partner - Inchainge & The Fresh Connection

After studying Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology, and a subsequent course in business administration, Egge Haak conducted a number of improvement projects at TPG. He then occupied a logistics management position at the FMCG production and distribution company Beiersdorf in Almere.

His responsibilities during this period included optimising stock management and production planning. He also guided the streamlining and shortening of the product development process and a possible shift to production to order for part of the product range.

After this management position, he made the transition to business consultancy in 1996. Besides managing a group of consultants, Egge was responsible for many improvement projects in the area of strategy, supply chain management, logistics and IT selection. In addition he was an initiator and pioneer in the supply chain management field of expertise.

During these years he gained extensive experience in the food industry, construction supply, transport, shipbuilding and various wholesale organisations.

In 2001 Egge was one of the founders of Involvation, a SCM consulting company based in The Netherlands. As an Involvation partner he is involved in a large number of supply chain improvement projects. In addition he is actively engaged in the development of new consultancy concepts and knowledge development.

In 2008 he initiated The Fresh Connection, a webbased supply chain experience and training instrument.

Egge lives in The Netherlands, is married and has a son and two daughters.

Egge will be speaking at the following time:

Hall 2 - 3:40pm - 5:30pm - Business Simulation: Supply Chain Management - “creating alignment in the value chain”


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