Jacques Adriaansen

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Jacques Adriaansen

Director - Every Angle Academy

Gifted with ability to creatively and colorfully share knowledge, Jacques Adriaansen is responsible for the overall Every Angle Academy enablement program.  Jacques started his career as information engineer at the Belgian Gendarmerie, where he gained experience in software engineering and operations management.

He joined TNO in the Netherlands in 1986, where he was consultant/researcher at the Institute for Production and Logistics (IPL-TNO). He was appointed director of IPL-TNO in 1995. In 1998 Jacques joined Magnus Management Consultants (SAP system integrator).

Jacques has one other activity he really likes: knowledge transfer. From his research background and with his business experience, Jacques reduces methods and theories to their base: common sense. He shares his insights with business professionals in both in-company education and as a guest professor in university education.

Jacques will be speaking at the following time:

Hall 1 - 10:50am - 11:35am - Sponsor Workshop: Discover the hidden cash lurking in your SAP Supply Chain!

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