Michael Ginap

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Michael Ginap

APICS SCC - Qualified SCOR Master Trainer

Over 30 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the process industry as well as in automotive and logistics services; held several operational and strategic management positions both in local as well as in Regional and Global functions.

Highly experienced in customer service excellence, supply chain process re-engineering, logistics integration in the course of M&A’s, sales & operations planning, logistics services, process quality assessments, and inventory management. Strong drive for customer service and business process improvement. Building and leading cross-functional and multi-cultural teams. Aims at pulling supply chain improvements from the customer end - balancing service, cost, and inventory, while developing people and facilitating change.

Specialties:Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, Logistics, Planning, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Purchasing, Project Management, Change Management, Consulting, Strategy Development, Training, Education, Coaching, SCOR, DCOR, PLCOR.

Michael will be facilitating the Roundtable Discussion below at the following time: 

Hall 1 - 1:30pm - 2:15pm - Operationalizing Strategy: Using SCOR® for effective Management of your Supply Chains!

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